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Application Performance

Management Services

Find bottlenecks. Troubleshoot Faster. Optimize performance.

With the ever-changing world of complex fragmented IT world, you are changing and adopting new technologies faster. This in turn means your frequency of deploying your application increases resulting in more points of failure, increase in MTTR (mean time to resolve) giving you less time to innovate more.


Kumori + New Relic makes it easier for you to effectively manage your application by providing you visibility into


between applications, infrastructure, and third-party services


through detailed dashboards with widgets to help you visualize


information on Infrastructure utilization, apps, users, resource

consumption and throughput


including infrastructure upgrades and configuration



to see what the app is doing compared to what you were

expecting it to do.

New Relic

Application Performance Features

1. Monitoring for all your web Apps

  • Support for the most popular coding languages and support for over 70 frameworks

  • Deep-dive code-level diagnostics reduce MTTR

  • Autodiscovery to quickly visualize upstream and downstream dependencies

  • Single Alerting platform to manage incident lifecycle

  • Custom dashboards to provide real-time visibility to performance

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